My first blog


Blogging is a new thing for me, not even sure I know what to say, or even if it is worth reading but here goes…

I am currently 50 years old and have decided to make a change in my life. You could call it a mid-life crisis, I suppose? For the last 14 years I have worked as an HR professional. Providing advice to managers on any number of issues and helping them achieve their business goals.

A ll during this time and probably earlier, I have enjoyed working out and getting to know my body, how it works and what is good and not good for it. I have also given advice (wanted and unwanted) to friends and family on what is good and not good for them.

I have put my body through countless diets, you name it I have probably done it. This started way back in my teens, from the hip and thigh diet, weight watchers, Jenny Craig, Keto to Paleo etc etc – all to gain back the weight again and again. 

So, what has changed you ask? Good question! I have come to accept my body for what it is. It keeps my bum off the ground, I can lift weights, I can run, swim, do handstands and cartwheels. It’s not a model’s body by any stretch of the imagination and I still don’t like looking at photos of myself (it contorts my internal image of myself). If you understand BMI ranges, then I would be considered overweight, but I am not huge by any stretch of the imagination. All my bits work, and they haven’t always, so I am grateful for that now.

What am I going to do now? I will probably still work in HR for a bit and in the meantime, I am going to gain a qualification that will give me the credentials to back up and enable me to charge for that advice.

In addition to that I earlier this year I gained my Level 1 certificate as a Crossfit trainer. I really enjoyed what I learnt through the study and the weekend of hands on practice. I am currently putting that learning into practice at FRF in Lyall Bay, Wellington.

 So that’s it for now, more to come soon.

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