Life lessons

Quite a number of years ago I went through a marriage breakup. As you would predict this was quite a turbulent time in my life. I tried counselling, but this was not the best avenue for me and my beliefs. At the same time I had been seeing a lovely lady to help with my back, which had been playing up due to the stress of the breakup.

This lady was not a chiropractor or an osteopath, she works with energies and uses kinesiology to help an individual heal.

There was one session which I have never forgotten, and it resonates with me on a regular basis. I was lying on her table and she said the following:

‘At this time of your life you are going through some road works. There is a person at those road works with a stop go sign. You are that person. You are the only one who can choose whether you will get through those road works or not.’

Whenever I or a friend are going through a hard time I remember this and share the story.

We make choices everyday of our lives. And what we choose determines our next steps. We can’t blame anyone else for the outcome, we must live with the choice.

I was having a discussion with a good friend of mine recently and the topic of the past came up. He said that we shouldn’t dwell on the past but use it to learn and make better choices for the future. I completely agree. Although sometimes it is a hard pill to swallow.

It is interesting when you are going through the ‘road works’ to see what turns up. What I mean by this is, who are your good friends, the ones that you can lean on and will always be there for you. Who will listen, but not make judgement. The books that appear – a few good ones for me lately have been ‘Chaos to Calm’, ‘What would unicorn do?’ and ‘Get your shit together’. Or the opportunities that are available, good workouts, events that you would normally say no to, but you know that you should leave the house.

It is very tempting to hide away from the world and all the chaos that your choices have made. But it is more important to learn from those choices and understand that these road works are temporary. You can get through them, change that stop go sign to go!

Stop go sign

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