A new you?

It’s a new year, as if you didn’t know, and maybe you have been thinking about treating yourself better? Eating the best for you? Maybe you have over indulged in the last few weeks, months, years? Now you want to do something about it? Well, I have just the thing for you! How about an eight week programme that is going to help you make some great changes, not only to how you view what you put in your body, but with a group of like minded individuals all looking for the same thing?

The eight weeks will include one on one coaching from me, a new ‘habit’ each week, a closed Facebook group where you can share your stories, highlights, and not so great times with others going through the same programme.

There will be guidance on what you should or could be eating for you. An individual one on one call with me each fortnight and if you are not completely satisfied then I will give you your money back. But you need to want to make some changes, and you will need to check in with me regularly, otherwise I can’t help you succeed.

For more information please contact me at calder-campbell@xtra.co.nz or if you want to talk to me on 021 036 4848.

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