What’s been happening?

Over the last seven weeks I have been running my first health, wellness and nutrition programme. It’s not a big group, which has worked out well, as I am able to tailor the programme, to a small degree, to suit the goals of the individuals.

We have been following the low carb, healthy fat way of eating. Feedback so far has been that it is the easiest way of eating the group have done. Most of us have tried every diet under the sun, and not been able to make it stick. This one fits into your life, so if you have a life event, a birthday, wedding etc then you can have that piece of cake, that glass of bubbles and not feel guilty. Of the 21 meals per week, we are allowed if we wish, to indulge in food that would not normally be in our diets. This way we don’t feel like we are missing out and can still achieve our goals.

In addition to what food we eat, I have also introduced some habits for the group to work on and hopefully use for the rest of their lives. These are very simple in theory but can be quite difficult to implement. They are eating slowly and mindfully, eating to 80% full, regular exercise and setting good sleep habits.

To track progress, I asked each member to fill in a sheet of measurements, which they completed again halfway through and will complete again next week, at the end of the programme. I was very happy to see some amazing results, even halfway through, with one lady losing 35cm and another 24cm. I can’t wait to see their results next week!

Fortnightly catch up calls with me and regular posts on a closed Facebook page completed the programme and ensured that the members felt heard and had someone to be accountable to. And they knew that there were others that were in the same boat and could share experiences.

I will be starting another group up in the next few weeks or so, if the above sounds like it would help you achieve your health, wellbeing and nutrition goals, then please get in touch. I would love to help you, either as part of a group or one-on-one.