It’s been awhile…

I’ve just realised that it has been two years since I have written anything here. I bet you won’t believe that I have written so much in my head and thought that it would make a good blog, and never got around to actually writing anything?

Life is busy, and if you don’t make time for what is important to you, then it won’t happen – no surprises there either. However, I hear this so often from clients. I don’t have time to workout, I don’t have time to prep my meals for the week etc etc, I am sure you can add your own in here.

I want to know why? Why are you not putting yourself first to achieve the goals that you set out when you started working with me? Why are you sabotaging being a better you? Why are you letting others take over you and your time? Only you can answer these questions, no one else knows what is going on in your head or life, except you. Isn’t it about time that you came first?

Have a think about those whys? In the end they are only excuses.

Now that you have taken time to ponder what the answers are to those questions…. what are you going you to about it? How can you make the right choices for you? Let’s think about how you can make some time to get some regular exercise. You know that you feel good once you have done it. You know that it helps you sleep better. You know that your body is going to appreciate that walk, run, functional movement programe, stretching or whatever it is that you enjoy doing to get your heart rate up and maybe even a wee glow on. So how do you fit it in with all the other things you need to do, work, look after the family, etc?

What about changing the time when you workout? I know that for me a morning workout works best – it is done and dusted for the day and if work priorities come up or I just don’t feel like working out after work then it is done. Even better, I may even be slightly asleep when I’m doing it and the body is as surprised as I am that an hour has flown by.

Lockdown in New Zealand was great for me and exercise. I am part of a great gym that loaned us some equipment and I worked out most lunchtimes. It helped break up the day, otherwise I would have sat at my desk all day! It was easier to fit in exercise, I wasn’t driving anywhere, I had no where else to be except at home – it was the law. Once lockdown was over it was back to reality and juggling how to fit everything in, it seemed busier than before!

What about trying a new exercise, take yourself out of your comfort zone? Ask a friend to join you so you won’t feel like the newbie and that everyone is looking at you. Go out and try some of our fabulous walks around NZ, there are tracks for every fitness level and you can choose a short or long (days) walk. If you are not sure what to do, then a walk is a great start, but feel free to reach out and I can help you work out what might suit you.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is, you need to figure out what works best for you. Find something that you enjoy and get out and do it, at least 30 minutes a day, or longer. Put yourself first, make that time, schedule it in to your day!

The deadball lift -Photo courtesy of Kirsty Prentice

I promise to not let two years go by before I write again – I may even make it a priority!!! But of course for me the exercise is first.

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